ACM REGEN24 Conference – Booking now open

Feb 22, 2024

The ACM REGEN24 Conference is now live on Eventbrite. 

St Margarets Hillsborough May 8-10
with Andrew Katay, head of CTC as the main speaker, along with Rev Julie-Anne Laird, Specialist Consultant of Evangelism and Mission and Catalyst for CTC Australia and Rev Dr Nathan McLellan, Director of Venn Foundation NZ.
Fraser, our ACM Chair writes:
“We have just launched a new conference aimed at inspiring and equipping church members and leaders. It’s called REGEN24. It would be really great if you would consider coming along with your leadership teams.  It’s an excellent opportunity to take a step back, catch your breath and allow others to minister to you and bless your teams.
We really want to see the tide changing in this country and see churches have the confidence to work together to see NZ reached with the good news of Jesus. My hope is that this conference will play a small part in that becoming a reality.”
Andrew Katay writes:
We know that being faddish is no good, but at the same time, it can be hard to not get caught up in it. And the church is not immune to this.
One way to read the history of the church for the last 30 years is as a series of fads – the 1990’s were all about leadership – books, conferences, articles. The 2000’s were all about mission – missional communities, the mission dei and being a community on mission. The 2010’s were all about discipleship – thick community, life on life, accountability.
Of course, as soon as you put it like that, one thing is obvious – they are all essential! We can’t trade these three core commitments off against one another.
But what can hold them together in an organic, compelling way?
One of Tim Keller’s most well known sayings is ’the gospel changes everything’. And the reason that the gospel changes everything is that it is only the gospel – the great victory of the grace of God in the cross of Christ – that can truly change hearts, whether the heart of leadership, a heart for mission, or the heart in discipleship.
Join us for Regen 24, where we take a deep dive into a deeply gospel saturated vision for leadership, mission and discipleship.”


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