ACM Zoom Seminar Wednesday 4 October 2023

Sep 27, 2023

 ACM Zoom Seminar  Wednesday 4 October 2023

This the second seminar in our short series on “What is this season of the Church and what might God be doing?”
The YouTube Recording link is
A panel of eight engages this prophetic question:
  • Carolyn Jones, Kiwi Leader Aglow Int. Europe
  • Peter Williamson, Kiwi Chaplain at Harvard USA
  • Peter and Nicole Nowicki, French based Chemin Neuf (prayer base for Lambeth)
  • Nigel Dixon, Vicar at Holy Trinity, Tauranga
  • and three NZ Bishops: Philip Richardson, Justin Duckworth and Steve Maina.

The range of responses to this question will hopefully stimulate ongoing discernment.





























































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