ACM Zoom Seminar Thursday 17 August 2023

Aug 15, 2023

ACM Zoom Seminar  Thursday 17 August 2023

The topic was the first in a short series on “’What has God been Doing’ and ‘What is God Doing Now’”.
The recording is available on Youtube here
Nigel Dixon, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Tauranga, will present an excellent social commentary on how society has changed and how we might now respond.
Nigel says, “I want to explore the implications, for church leadership and communication, of the shift from modern to post-modern culture – particularly as it applies to community, leadership and communication.“
Paul, our ACM Community its Coordinator,  heard Nigel speak on this late last year and personally found it an extremely helpful analysis. Plainly “our times” are a different environment for ministry from where we have all come from and this seminar will help us engage the mission opportunities we currently experience.
Nigel Dixon moved to Holy Trinity, Tauranga two years ago from Palmerston North. He has been in ministry (Anglican and, previously, Pentecostal) for 26 years.  Nigel studied theology in Regent College, Vancouver, and is the author of ‘Villages without Walls’.  Nigel worked for seven years full time as a leadership coach and leadership consultant and is a qualified Myers-Briggs trainer as well as having trained as a coach through City to City (the Timothy Keller network).  His involvement with Anglicanism began with being ‘headhunted’ by the Wellington diocese to be Bishop’s Chaplain for Parish Health and Development which involved setting up training for leaders across the diocese.























































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