Training Events in Partnership with AFFIRM

Feb 11, 2021

To Anglican Community of St. Mark parishes

The AFFIRM Network is pleased to offer an exciting new initiative.  

“With shoes ready for sharing good news”

“Resources and Training for the adventure of Church”

The Affiliates of AFFIRM including ACM are offering their own special area of expertise, knowledge, and experience to assist the people of God in both their confidence in the Bible and in some key ministry skills.

The series of studies advertised on the attached flyer gives the time and dates for these. They are designed for individual or group studies.  How about offering this to your home groups? Or getting a group together for the first event? 

Could you also advertise this through your newsletters for those who may wish to be part of an online group or join in individually.  The studies will be offered on ZOOM so anyone with a computer and Internet access can join in. 

 Contact OR contact the AFFIRM staff at

See the attached for encouragement and up-skilling in:

  1. “The Big Story of the Bible” with Bishopdale College 6 Tuesday evenings 23 Feb – 30 March
  2. Prayer and walking in the Spirit with SOMA (short term mission experts) 4 Tuesday evenings in the weeks 7-27 May
  3. Worldviews and Communicating across cultures with Bishopdale and CMS 4 evenings in the weeks 7-29 June
  4. Sharing the Faith in practice with Church Army (Gospel sharing experts.) 3 evenings 27 July-10 Aug.
  5. Prayer Ministry in the Spirit’s Power. (SOMA short term mission experts) – DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED
  6. Confidence in the Bible with Bishopdale College. 3 evenings in the weeks of October 18-Nov 1.

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